The Alumni Petition was emailed to the SCI-Arc Board of Trustees on April 11, 2022 at 9 AM (PST).
If we receive a response, we will make sure to post it here.

In the meantime, the petition will remain open.

April 2, 2022

Dear SCI-Arc Community,

As you may know, a letter distributed on March 29 petitioned for the removal of two SCI-Arc faculty members in light of their abuses of power as both professors and practitioners. As a result, SCI-Arc Director/CEO Hernán Díaz Alonso has since announced the placement of those two faculty members on administrative leave pending the results of an external investigation and an internal review of SCI-Arc's "studio culture and internship policies and practices." However, as SCI-Arc alumni, we feel these actions cannot alone remedy the unjust conditions known to be endemic to the institution. 

Beyond our general disapproval of labor exploitation in every form it may take, many of us empathized with the treatment of current students reflected in the previous letter because we had endured similar abuses under various faculty that remain to be held accountable. The expectations of unpaid or underpaid labor cannot be isolated to any faculty or staff member and are systemic and long-standing in manners that have only perpetuated inequities. These practices are, of course, not only enabled by the leadership at SCI-Arc, but by many other institutions and universities.

SCI-Arc lacks checks and balances within its administration; this support system does not require reinventing the wheel, as precedent exists in other institutions. SCI-Arc is one of the few major architectural institutions not to provide its faculty with tenure. SCI-Arc has argued that this method allows quick and efficient change to take place in service of its culture and students. Unfortunately, the system has been abused to benefit those with close connections to the leadership, and this enabled a culture of corruption at SCI-Arc, where some faculty, fueled by perceived fame and self-importance, assume their actions have no consequences. It has become clear that at certain times, even scholarships, teaching positions, potential jobs, and references have been used as forms of compensation for students who have provided services to independent offices run by faculty in leadership positions. 

In the past, the institution has silenced attempts by students and alumni to challenge the existing structure. Today, a significant shift is in order, the SCI-Arc students are speaking out louder than ever, and the alumni are standing in solidarity with them. In addition to the independent investigation of Tom Wiscombe and Marikka Trotter, additional investigations should be undertaken regarding any incidents of misconduct as reported by students*. This investigation should lead to the development of effective policies for checking and balancing labor issues between faculty and students in the future, ensuring safety for all involved.  

We demand that SCI-Arc’s leadership issue a public apology acknowledging that they have been complicit and that the actions of the faculty were known to them and the board. Immediately, Tom Wiscombe must be removed as chair, and all administrative positions (including the Directorship) must undergo restructuring pending the results of any such external reviews into misconduct. Preserving current structures of power will only cultivate behaviors that have been perpetrated onto students for years that are only now being exposed.

In the shorter term, the institution must demonstrate a commitment to more equitable student wages, more reasonable student work hours, more career development resources for current students and alumni, and greater diversity in its representatives. While SCI-Arc has long laid claim to the “avant-garde,” this sentiment rings hollow until it updates its practices toward the equitable treatment of its most vulnerable members — and, by extension, the restructuring of the discipline of architecture itself.

We hope that this letter can serve as an indictment of not only the described conditions of our alma mater, but those undergone by vulnerable members of all academic institutions. The decision to pursue a career in architecture — or any creative field, for that matter — can no longer be met with the expectation of mistreatment and exploitative labor, and is here reevaluated as worthy of dignity and fair pay. 

As SCI-Arc enters its 50th anniversary, we see no greater form of honoring all past constituents of this school, and their collective efforts, than by calling for radical steps towards greater transparency, respect, and equity within our community. We usher in the next 50 years with this call to action!


*Please note the following phrase has been adjusted to reflect an outcome with the greatest possible chance of achieving meaningful institutional change.
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Roger Wilson
BA, 1980 (and 1st yr TA for Ahde Lahti)
Allyn Viault
BArch ‘21
Jeff Chan
BArch 2001
Evie DiMaggio
USC, In Solidarity
Chris Turner
M. Arch II, 2006
Augis Gedgaudas
M.Arch 1992
Joseph Oberle
BARCH - 2003
Rachael Stauffer
M-Arch '91
Mayuko Imai
M. Arch. 2005
KB Chan
B Arch '01
Geoffrey Elander
M. Arch II, 2009
Jessica De Vries
MR+D 2011
Fred Castillo
ben warwas
M. Arch 1 2012
Kai C. Chiu
M.Arch. 2015
Lauren Magee
M Arch 2003
Edwin Burgos
In Solidarity
Ozan Cicek
M.Arch II, 2020
S. Gee
Livid; Disgusted.
Adam Murray
M Arch 08
Debora Gloria
M Arch 92
Alec Johnson
B.Arch 95
Bill Brunner
M.Arch 94
Erick Ragni
Mr Kristen Whittle
M.Arch '94
Cheryl Cheu
B.Arch 2005
Mark Ng
BArch 2010
Sandy lee
Go Eun Kim
BARCH, 2011
Eunji Angie Kim
B Arch, 2014
Jim Ettinger
M.Arch 94
Jessie Helgesen
Wang Lingnan He
Ashley James
Signing in solidarity
Amy Berssen
BArch 94
Jody McGuire
In solidarity
Nick Gochnour
Lang Lor
In solidarity
John Buchanan
Caroline Tse
Dimitri Damiel Kim
M.Arch, 2009
Mabel O. Wilson
In Solidarity
Margi Glavovic Nothard
Kalpak Deshmukh
SCI-FI, 2015
Nicholas Pisca
Keith Carlson
Emily White
MArch, 2006
Erik Schonsett, AIA
B. Arch 2004
Rick Miller
MArch 97 and so completely infuriated by the corruption (and in solidarity with rebuilding)
Anne Zimmerman
in solidarity; started this “project” while attending at UofM.
Charissa Santos
BArch 2005
Patricia Morton
In solidarity
Bernardo Charca
B Arch '84
Aram Avedis Guiragozian
B Arch, 2010
Molly Reid
Gregory Roth
christof jantzen
Eduardo Perez
M.Arch 1994
Hope Mitnick
MArch, 1994
Andreas Ruby
Director, S AM Swiss Architecture Museum
Stefano Pujatti
Jody Beck
Annie Coggan
Boris Cortes
B. Arch '2012
Jody Albert
Masters 94
Celia Parker
Robert Adams
M.Arch. 94
Carol Lowry Barrett
M Arch 93
Hadrian Predock
In solidarity
John C Barine
MArch ‘94
Mojdeh Memarzadeh
M Arch 94
Wan Lee
M Arch 2, 2013
Stefano Pujatti
Heather Barker
M.Arch. MR+D, 2001
Jennifer Cheh
Jonny Rohrbaugh
M.Arch, 2014 (transferred after first semester)
Sang Dae Lee
MArch II 04
Gavin Wall
Alvin Huang
In solidarity
Michael Ferguson
MArch 95 & former faculty member
Bill Simonian
Founding Faculty in Solidarity
Talbot McLanahan
John Jennings
D'anna Olsen
MArch, '10
Craig Biggi
B.Arch ‘95
Fareh Aboganem
Undergrad, 2010
William Carpenter
In solidarity
Ralph Mursinna
B. Arch '79
Israel Kandarian
B.Arch. 2000
Don Robb
BArch '94
Thomas Valle Stallman
Orhan Ayyuce
Sing Sing Lee
B Arch, 2001
Paige Steele Rollins
Signing in solidarity
Paulette Singley
Woodbury University, in Solidarity
Jeanine Centuori
In solidarity
Roberto Lapeyre
MR+D, 2005
Joe Bob Merritt
M.Arch 1996
Evelyn Tickle
Carlos Zubieta
B-Arch 94
Jennifer Siegal
M.Arch 1994
Catherine Ann Somerville Venart
Laura Karnath
M.Arch II, 2009
Danielle Yip
M.Arch 1, 2011
Hadley Arnold
M.Arch 94
Lotta E Locklund
B.Arch 21
Andy Chang
MArch, class of 2009
Rebecca Rudolph
Emily Hazelwood
BArch 2005
B Arch
Astha Kapila
Justin Tan
BArch 16
Jason Luke
Batch 95
Kyara Robinson
Community Solidarity
Chris Arntzen
MArch II, 2006
Plamedi kevamviri
In Solidarity
Mark Ericson
Ahmet Can Karakadılar
In solidarity
Chip Minnick
MArch 3 1998
abdulrahman alkhudhari
b.arch 24
Alexis Rosenthal
David Garcia
Poonam Sharma
Stephanie Baca DeLancey
MArch, 2007
Anna Lim
In Solidarity
Daryl Olesinski
MArch /‘96
Corina Peters
Abel Maqueira
B.Arch 2020
Jason Ruperto
Fredrik Nilsson
BArch 2001
Christian Steixner, RA
Signing in solidarity as a fellow student at the ITECH program, Universty of Stuttgart
Alan Eskildsen
Signing in solidarity as a fellow student at the ITECH program, Universty of Stuttgart
Bo Sundius
Brigitte Kouo
M.Arch I 2007
Motoko Shoboji
Áine Schimmelman
Otis College
Gyan Singh
Aaron Olko
MArch II, 2013
Lara Kobeissi
Fiction and Entertainment 2018
Yifan Wang
Fiction & Entertainment, 2018
Lingnan He
Fiction & Entertainment 2018
Mary (McDowall) Schimmelman
Seattle University
Michael Stebbins
M. Arch. 1996
Fariba Shafiee
Fiction & Entertainment 2018
Ben Levin
Hunter Knight
Amaranta Morton
B. Arch 2008
Richard Michod
Claudia Otalora
B Arch 2010
Nader Naim
B. Arch 2015
Carlos Eduardo Hernández
B.Arch 2008
Chantal Stephanie Aquin
2GX 1999
Lusine Miribyan
B. Arch 2010
Ana Qi
MArch1 2020
Sara Loy
March.1, 2014
Jax Zheng
Aaron Choi
M.Arch1 2017
Nathan Meyers
B. Arch 2012
Patorn Sangruchi
M.Arch1 2019
Erin Kelley
Jenille Amerman-Roa
Undergrad 2007
B.Arch, 2007
Thomson Burtis
Harvard Business School '82
Connor Covey
MArch 1 2017
Ahide Sanchez
Kelly vanOteghem
Ahide Sanchez
Maria Jose Herrero
UG 2015
Yixiong Peng
M. Arch 1, 2015
Robyn Salathe
Masters 1990
Peter Yau
Undergrad 2015
Elizabeth Gibb
MArch 1 1989
Laura Cowan
M.Arch1, 2001
Lijun Zhong
M. Arch 2, 2017
Jose Macias
B. Arch 2013
Boris Cortes
Undergraduate, 2012
Brooke Orsen
M. Arch 2013
Shannon Dowling
M.Arch MR+D, 2003
Jonathan Pacheco Bell, MAUP
SCI-arc B.Arch program 1997-98
Anupa Reddy
BArch, 2011
Julie Riley
M.arch I 2021
John Colter
M Arch 1997
Mirella Abounayan
B.Arch 2008
Emily Burton
BArch 2013
Lena Pozdnyakova
DTP 2019
A.I. Saspa
B. Arch
Na Young Kim
Undergraduate, 2010
Garet Ammerman
M.Arch II 2015, Design Theory and Pedagogy 2017
Zachary Teixeira
M Arch 1, 2011
Yousef Hussain
Melody Nazareno
B.Arch 2010
Mandana Ozlati
BArch 2010
Carlos Rodriguez
B. Arch 2012
Dustin Columbatto
M. Arch 1 2014
Evelyn Lee
M. Arch. 2003
Adam Bandler
B.Arch, 2008
Jessica Moore
M. Arch 2014
Haibo He
Sarah Blankenbaker
M.Arch 1, 2009
Rosemary Snyder Taylor
BArch 1996
Rachel Chen
M.Arch 2, 2018
Luis Fernando Muñoz
In Solidarity
Justin Hollingsworth
M.Arch 1, 2014
Steve Kim
M.Arch '07
Julian Ma
M.Arch 1 2014
Austin Samson
M.Arch 2, 2014
Gonzalo Padilla Villamizar
B.Arch 2012
Saba Nasehi
M.Arch, 2016
Shun-Ping Liu
M Arch 1, 2013
Bhavin Kothari
M.Arch2, 2016 dropout
Hannah Pavlovich
M.Arch 1 2014
Jordan Squires
M.Arch 1 2014
Maria Ornelas Funes
In Solidarity, for my SciArc friends
Zachariah Michielli
M.Arch 1 2014
Garrett Sutherlin Santo
MArch 1 2014
Wehrenberg-Klee Kirsten
M.Arch 1 2014
Cory Hill
M.Arch I, 2009
Lena Larionova
Geoffrey April
Ke Li
MArch 2,2016
Sean Mo
Robert Sumrell
Erika Winters
In Solidarity
Luis F. Herrera
Barch 1996
Burcin Nalinci
Architectural Technologies
Alex Chan
M.Arch II 2015
In solidarity
Simon Hirtz
MArch, Exchange, 2019
Lord Evan Ceniza
M.Arch1 2014
Jack Hsiao
B.Arch 2021
Allise Matsuno
Making + Meaning, In Solidarity
Lewis Grace
raquel bitar
Solbok Yi
B.Arch, 3rd Year
Adam Rafeedie
Chris Skeens
MArch 1 2012
Julian Basurto
M Arch 1. 2020
Bojana Banyasz
MArch, 2005
Indi Kusuma
DID, 2020
Alexander Kardanovskiy
B.Arch 2020
Young Hoon Kim
Undergraduate 2022
Junjie Guo
March2 2013-2016
Lindsay Shimizu
In Solidarity
Michelle Lozano
BArch 2014
Daniel Tovar
Natalie Ayala
DID, 2020
Kyle Balster
M.Arch II
Ilene Gibler
In solidarity
Barch 2019
Ignacio De La Torre
DID 2020
YuHeng Huang
M.Arch II 2018
Hannah Mann
M.Arch II
Jordan Hartman
Barch 2017
Anna Higane
M. Arch 1, 2017
Xinlei Li
M.Arch 2, 2017
ellie young
omid dorrani
b.arch 24
Rhett Heuer-Rubalcava
M. Arch II 2019
Melissa Alvarez
undergraduate 2018
Theodore Henderson
We the Unhoused
Nicola Montuschi
SCI-FI 2015-2016
Abby Romero
DID, 2019
David Seizer
DID, 2019
Peter Rosa
B.Arch, 23’
Alan Carrizosa Acevedo
In solidarity
Matti Schween
3GAX 1995-1996
Minori Kawakami
Cornell aap barch ‘25
Ross Fernandes
MArch II ‘18
Peter Martinez Zellner
In Solidarity (Former SCI-Arc Faculty 1999-2016)
Mickey Ferguson
DID, 2019
Harry Zurcher
DID 2019
Gregory Van Grunsven
M. Arch 2007
Mohamed Rezk
m.arch 2 ‘23
Abbie Chung
M. Arch. 1, 2003
Emanuel R. Gonzalez
D.I.D & 1,2, 3, MAKE, 2019
Emilija Landsbergis
In Solidarity
Morgan Davis
signing in solidarity
Priyanka Rajani
M.Arch 2, 2020
Emmanuel Osorno
In Solidarity
Abdullah Alsanea
In Solidarity
Matthew Rosenberg
2009, MArch II
Eric Battino
M-Arc 1, 2008
Joey Rodriguez
DID ‘19
Marisol Mejia
B.Arch ‘08
Phoebe Webster
Carson Fischer
In solidarity
Matthew Diack
M.Arch 2, 2016
Kai Blatt
DID 2011 & in solidarity from Harvard GSD
Fernando Rubio
Summer studio 2003. In solidarity
Ozzy Veliz
In Solidarity
Carolina carselle
Making + Meaning
Maria Kuzminskaia
ESTM 2013
Mariya Bandrivska
M.Arch, 2019
Eric Lawler
In solidarity
Paul Mosley
In solidarity
Jeffrey Ramirez
BArch, 2017
Sabrina Yuen
M.Arch I, 2019
Frank YT Chen
M Arch 1 2018
Christian Cononico
2021 M.Arch I
Fabrizio Gallanti
In solidarity
Peter Dung (former academic counselor)
In solidarity
J. Pablo Osorio
ESTM postgraduate, 2012
Esly Hernandez
B. Arch, 2023
Amanda Kotch
M. Arch 1 2020
Adriana Argyropoulos (McElwain)
M.Arch 1, 2012
Maximillian Tavdi
M.Arch 1 2019
Dongwoo Suk
M.Arch I 2018
M.Arch 2
Yuto yokomizo
Elena Coleman Howell
M.Arch 2006
Phoemphol Phoemphoolsinchai
M.Arch II, 2020
Bryan Garcia
B.Arch, 2020
Nicolás Barreda
B. Arch 2024
Lance Arevalo
BArch, 2021
Liona Avery
B. Arch, 2011
abigail zuckerman
b. arch ‘23
Ben Hidalgo
B.Arch, 2000
Marcos Aguirre
SCI-Arc Staff
Edmund M. Einy, FAIA
BArch 1987
Jane Suthigoseeya
M. Arch l, 2012
Nikki Karpf de Castillo, AIA
M. Arch I,2013
Jeffrey J. Eyster, AIA
M.Arch 98
Jan Bustalino
In Solidarity
Joe N. Fleischer
B.Arch, 2002
Christoph Korner
Former adjunct faculty
Leodan A. Castillo
B.Arch, 2013
Patrick Mitchel Bennett
B.Arch, 2018
Arthur Wu
In solidarity
Russell Fortmeyer
in solidarity
Ben Toam
M.Arch II, 2006
Bz Zhang
in solidarity
Edward kim
March II, 2009
Oliver Liao
M.Arch 2010
Ben Warwas
M. Arch 2012
Jennifer Diep
M. Arch 1, 2015
Jae Hwan Lee
B.Arch 2013
Jakob Sieder-Semlitsch
MS Design of Cities 2018
Nick Aho
Peter Park
M.Arch I
Amanuel Woldemikael
MArch 2,2014
Jonathan Brown
In Solidarity
Akhil Mathew
M.Arch 2019
Ava Ghiassi
M. Arch 1, 2017
Rob Leising
M.Arch2 2021
John Southern, AIA
M.Arch 2, 2002
Alice Voong
M.Arch 2, 2007
James Leng
In Solidarity
Phillip Cameron
B.Arch 2011
Sanne Worthing
M.Arch 2008
Kait Cartmell
M.Arch 2 2022
Andrew Magner
Alumni March 2 2018
Carl Lostritto
In solidarity
Jarrod Caranto
Stephanie Sang Delgado
In Solidarity
Lorik Khodaverdian
In solidarity
Ilaria lu
M.Arch II 21’
Guanyu Tao
M.Arch 22'
In Solidarity
In Solidarity
In solidarity
Alicia Morales
BArch 2015
F. Li
In Solidarity
Kidus H.
Andrea Giordano
B.Arch 2015
Ji Won Nam
M.Arch I 2008
Yixin Liu
M.Arch 2015
Lauren Ek
Dylan Weiser
In Solidarity
Chris Arth
In Solidarity
Martin Summers
In solidarity, Associate Professor
peter rosa
undergrad, forth year
Jermaine Washington
In Solidarity
Sarah Lashins
M. Arch 2003
Jeff Lashins
M. Arch (2005)
Soomeen Hahm
Ben Monkman
Solidarity, New Zealand
Danny Wills
Design Theory and Pedagogy, 2018
Yibo Qiao
MS. Architectural technologies 2020
Kaan Karabagli
MS Fiction and Entertainment
Kate Feiertag
M.Arch I 2006
Kyle Tomosada
B.Arch 2021
Dutra Brown
B.Arch 2020
Mikiko Takasago
March 1 2018’
Arnaldur Schram
Undergraduate 2005
Kevin Kwok
B.Arch 2010
Jonathan Marcos
In Solidarity
omar mohammed
March 2 - 2017
Marcela Chan
B. Arch, 2009
Melineh Khanbabian
UG, 2009
Bahar Mahgerefteh
March I 2012
Sandhya Kochar
In solidarity
Alan Hung
M.Arch II, 2008
Randy Stogsdill
M.Arch II 2008
Rene Perez
B. Arch, 2006
Gesa Buttner Dias
Mr+d, 2004
Karl Eicher
M.ArcH II, 2008
Mario Correa
Alex Maymind
Adjunct faculty, 2015-2018
Yaakov Roffman
In Solidarity
Andrea Sosa Fontaine
Assistant Professor at the CAED @ Kent State University
Roberto Paz
MArch I 2006
Thorne Ransom
M.Arch II, 2008
Henry Dominguez
M.Arch 2012
Eva Fernandez-Villegas
M -arc2 2008
Vera Fernández Zacker
M Arch 2008
Tamara Glants Harutyunyan
M.arch 2019
Tim Keating
Juan Cardenas
M.arch2, 2018
Violeta Smart
In Solidarity
Rae Solomon
M.Arch 2009
Renata Galan Hoffman
In Solidarity
Yoko Chan
B.Arch ‘23
Ivan Farr
in solidarity
Jordan Bartelt
M.Arch 2005
Yasmeen Khan
M.Arch I, 2008
Rayne Laborde Ruiz
in Solidarity
Kristoffer Lund
M.arch II 2020
Justin Jakubisn
In solidarity
Klaas de Jong
Colin Peeples
M.Arch 2004
Luiza De Souza
M.Arch I 2018
Austin Anderson
MArch I, 2017
Paulina Martínez
B.Arch 2009 - In solidarity
Barbara Leon
B. Arch 2008
Alex Nauta
in Solidarity
Melissa Kim
M. Arch 2008
Doruk Yurdayar
B.Arch 4B
Al Elwan
James Amdurer
M.Arch 2005
Kyle Onaga
B.Arch 2013
Andrew Todd
Roshanak Ghezelbash
Jeremy Quinn
M.Arch, 2003
Ian Fennimore
M.Arch 2 (Admitted for Fall 2022)
Doron serban
In solidarity
Babatunde-Majadi Adejare
B.Arch ‘23
Scott Starr
B.Arch 2014
Christopher Zenteno Jimenez
B.Arch, 2014
Naoko Ward
In solidarity
ouida biddle
undergraduate 2005
Joseph Beltran
B.Arch ‘25
Ricardo A. León
in solidarity
Jacob Waas
M. Arch II 2017
Tyler Collins
in solidarity
Isabel Socorro
Architectural Technologies, 2020
Mahmoud Ramdane
Francesca Ushindi
B.Arch ‘23
Zane Mechem
B.Arch ‘22
Octavian Fedco
In solidarity
Sheryl Quock
In Solidarity
Gianna Furumoto
in solidarity
Sam Iravani
B. Arch 2007
Alexander Zhang
B.Arch 23’
Sarangan Sinnarajah
B.Arch, 2020
Lisa Liang
b.arch, 2019
Joshua Montanari
Mateus Comparato
B.Arch ‘22
Lawrence Servis
Design of Cities, 2021
Cindy Lin
In solitary
Philip Hirose
In Solidarity
Gokay Sapan
M.Arch II, 2019
Anna Androsova
BARCH 2008
Yan M Wang
M arch I 2006
Guannan Sun
Melanie Freeland
In Solidarity
Ziqing Nie
B.Arch '16
Rishab Jain
B.Arch 18’
Hanh Nguyen
B.Arch '16
Aaron Gladstein
Design of Cities, 2022
Ronny Eckels
M. Arch I / 2013
Arthur Azoulai
In Solidarity
Alex Koure
In Solidarity
Euntaek Kim
B.Arch (gap year)
Majed Alghaemdi
M.Arch II 2015
Robert Crabtree
M.Arch, 2012
Kimberly Leon
B.Arch ‘25
Salih Albarrak
B.arch 2023
Tamara Harutyunyan you
Ruth Kim
M.Arch I, 2008
Yash Mehta
M.Arch 2, 2020
Renso Caicedo
B.Arch 2016
Leena Alsalem
B.arch 2022
Scully Fitzgibbons
M.arch 2015
Calvin Ha
B.arch 2022
B.arch 2025
In solidarity
Rudain Almulla
B.Arch '23
Lila Sarraf
B.Arch 2024
Jack London Freedman
M.Arch 2
alma ramos
B.Arch 23
Ivy Chan
M. Arch ll 2017
Sabrina Chu
In solidarity
Devon Tsuno
In solidarity
in solidarity
Henry Aoki
In solidarity
Salsabil Emdad
In solidarity
Zen Sekizawa
In Solidarity
Phillip Kim
in solidarity
Michael Boldt
M.Arch 2024
Simon Battisti
B.Arch 2009
Philippe Maman
Adrian Estrada
In Solidarity
David O’Regan
M.Arch I | 2009
MArch I 2019
Eileen Dikdan Pottinger
M.Arch I 2008
Amparito Martinez
M. Arch II | 2020
Andrew Cheu
M.Arch II // 2015
Sarah Carcamo
B.Arch | 2019
Reid Embrey
M.Arch | 2007
Johan Wijesinghe
B. Arch | 2017
Laura Kwak
M. Arch 2013
Kevin Shah Maulana
M. Arch II, 2017
Elias Ahmadi
B. Arch 2020
Lake Lewis
Lena Watanabe
M. Arch I 2008
Riley Gaucher
Wen Chen
March 2 2020
Hsinkuang Chen
M.Arch 2009
Kim Luu
M.Arch I, 2008
Cassie Isaacson
in solidarity
Jeff Escamilla
in solidarity
Poyao Shih
B.Arch '16
David Lin
Narciso Martinez
B.Arch 2019
Allyson Campbell
Pratt 2010 Alum, in solidarity
amin marandi
M.Arch, 2021
Nix Liu Xin
M.Arch 2, 2020
Ambrose Chuang
M.Arch, 2008
alique pempejian
B.Arch 2011
Ina Chen
Fiction and Entertainment, 2020
Cecilia Marie Brock
MArch I 2007
Ava Khan
Kevin K. Choi
M.Arch 2008
Matt Post
M.Arch II, 2007
Ana Paula Ruíz Galindo
M.Arch 2, 2007
William Fraser
M. Arch 1, 2020
Graciela Hodgson
M.Arch I 2007
Dila Erten
MS Design of Cities, 2018
Brigitte Coleman
M.Arch 1 2007
Tiffany Adler
Javier Benavides
B.Arch 2019
Nicolas Fuertes LaRotta
In solidarity
Colin Deckner
Julia Arnold Thomas
MARCH II, 2019
Kaita Saito
M.Arch 1, 2021
Rahi Manavi
M.Arch I, 2009
Hannah Liechty
In solidarity
Jesus Bañuelos
Santino Medina
Suhan Na
B.Arch 2017
Catherine Johnson
Michael He
MArch ‘11
Haan Chai
Samuel Flower
M.Arch ‘19
Benjamin Luddy
M Arch 2, 2006
Vicky Wen
B.Arch 2019
Ryan Scavnicky
Design Theory and Pedagogy, 2017
Laurel Broughton
M.Arch, 2006
Nazareth Ekmekjian
B.Arch, 2008
Serena Davis
M.Arch II 2006
Benjamin Farnsworth
M.Arch II, 2013
Makanakai Shipmam-Ahlo
B. Arch 2017
Melissa Shin
Adjunct Faculty, 2016-2018
Andreina Pepe
B.arch 2018
Prof. Steve Fuchs
M.Arch II (2006)
Neeve Salamat
B.Arch 2021
Hongjian Qin
B.Arch 2020
Corie Saxman
MArch II 2017
M.Arch 2021
India Chand
M.Arch 2024
Tamara Birghoffer
B.Arch 2022
Kyla Farrell
M. Arch 2007
Billy Fleming
Wilks Family Director, McHarg Center, University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Robert Gutierrez
M. Arch I 2019
Mateo Deza
M.Arch I, 2021
Sohail Gill
M.Arch '21
Tammy Ho
M.Arch 2005
Gelareh Arbab
B.Arch 2014
Erik Valle
B.Arch 19’
Khevna Shah
M.A. Fiction&Entertainment - 2017
Sameena Sitabkhan
MArch 1 2005
Ravyn Crabtree
B.Arch 2019
Robert Oshodin
M. Arch I, 2020
Soohyun Park
B.Arch 2017
Jiaoyue Zhao
M. Arch II 2020
Saleh Jamsheer
M.Arch II 2020, F&E 2021
Yash Mehta
M.Arch2 , 2020
Oscar DeLeon
B. Arch 2015
Phonthakorn Srisawat (Gun)
March 2, Alumni, Class of 2019
Divyansh Agarwal
M.Arch 2, 2019
Siva Sepehry Nejad
MS Design of Cities 2016-2017
Louie Bofill
B.Arch, 2015
Chiehsheng Huang
B.Arch ‘19
Di Wan
B.Arch 2021
Yu Nong Khew
M.Arch 2, 2009
Alex Cornelius
MArch2, 2009
Qi Jia
M Arch II, 2018
Justine Poulin
M.Arch II 2020
Nicholas Zarazel
M-Arch I, 2021
Diego Wu-Law
MArch 2015
Xiao Fueng Andrew Hu
Fiction & Entertainment 2021
Nancy Ai
B.Arch 2020
Marianna Girgenti
B.Arch 2019
MS Arch Tech
Arthur Gueiros
B.Arch 2018
Amanda Dellevigne
M. Arch, 2018
Raúl Casillas
M.Arch II (2018)
Rayka Mirzaie
M.Arch I,2016
Kaveh Naeeni
M Arch I, 2016
Eui Hyuk Choi
M.Arch I, 2016
Min Pan
March I, 2015
Eric Swanson
Undergrad, 4th year
Sally (Nandar) Lwin
B. Arch - Class of 2020
Chuwen Ong
B. Arch, 2020
Bridget A.
M. Arch 2026
Yi-Chia Wu
B.Arch 2018
Melody Javaherian
Bachelor, 21
Prarthna Misra
B.Arch 2019
Mei Zhi Neoh
MArch I, 2015
Vincent Yung
M.Arch 1
Soham Doshi
EDGE AT 2017
Mariajose Meza
B.Arch ‘19
Jonathan L. Ong
B.Arch 2021
Andrew DePew
B.Arch 2021, Edge MSAT 2022
Jasper Gregory
M.Arch ll 2021
Rishabh Gandhi
MDesr - 2015
Neil Vasquez
B.Arch 2020
Kara Block
Sinew Zhang
Fiction and entertainment 21
Brian Koehler
Adres Gandara
M.Arch II 2019
Meenakshi Dravid
MArch II 2017
Kendall Mann
B. Arch 2022
Eron Kumar
B.Arch 2020
Ravi Chandar
Edge, DTP - 2018
Subin Jameel
DTP, 2019
MArch 2 , 2007
Maximilian Maria
M.Arch I 2020
Seul Ki Chan Lee
B.Arch 2016
Anna Grininger
M.Arch, 2017
Andrew Chittenden
M.Arch I 2019
Neno Videnovic
B. Arch 2019
Allison Hoagland
M. Arch II, 2021
Ana Derby
M. Arch 2016
Erica Li
M. Arch I 2018
Yun Ki
B.Arch 2021
Wesley Evans
M.Arch I, 2020
Gabriela Zappi
M.Arch II 2019
Brian Duenas
B. Arch, 2023
Rachel Hamilton
M.Arch. I (transferred out in 2018)
Jennifer Dow
M. Arch II, 2018
Jason Rosen
Fiction and entertainment
M Arch II
Grigori Khachatryan
B.Arch 2021
Riya Patel
B.Arch 2021
Tim Karoleff
Lauren Hanna
M Arch, 2021
Tim Do
M.Arch II 2008
Kimberly Lawes
M.Arch, 2017
Caio Cesar de Oliveira Peres
B.Arch 2023
Li Pallas
Fiction and Entertainment: 2020
Dan Lu
B.Arch 2016
Ana Antoni
B. Arch 2020
Henry Wang
M Arch ‘20
Isabelle Joannides
B. Arch 2021
Ziad Saadi
B.Arch 2019
Raina Lin
B.arch 2019
Navid Simanian
B.Arch 2020
Ben Evans
EDGE: Fiction and Entertainment, 2021
Nicholas Conrique
B. Arch 2021
Brandon Kintzer
M.Arch I, 2019
Leila Ghasemi
M.Arch II 2022
Alex Hauptman
B.Arch 2020
Kieran McCaughey
MArch II 2006
Sara Milaninia
Design of cities-2016
Midori Mizuhara
B.Arch, 2007
Tanita J Enderes
Fiction & Entertainment 2021)
Jose Marroquin
B.Arc 2021
Bronte Araghi
M.Arch1 2021
Nina Barbuto
Mediascapes m.arch 2008
Eric Bono
M.Arch I 2006
Fatma Gonca Tunc
Architectural Technologies, 2019
Brandon Lim
B.Arch 2018
Sungmi Hyun
MArch1 2015
David Nevolo
M.A. Fiction and Entertainment, 2017
Cory Taylor
Fatemeh Safdari
M.Arc I - 2020
Carrie Foster
MArch, 2011
Carolina Rocha
Graduate Class 2013
Ali Berk Senbas
Barch 2021
Rafael Rama
B.Arch 2016
De La Hoz Vanessa
B.Arch 2016
José Carlos García
M.Arch II 2018
Luisana Hernandez
Undergraduate, 2015
Aakash Shah
B.Arch - 2017
Junsuke Sato
B.Arc 2018
Jack Oliva-Rendler
B.Arch 2017
Reza Salehi
M.Arch 2020
Manuel Oh
B.Arch 2012
Palak Mandhana
M.Arch II, 2017
Jihyeun Byeon
B.Arch, 2008
Anish De
kaiming Lin
UG 2012
Brock DeSmit
M.Arch II, 2006
Michelle Recio
B.Arch 2016
Chris Arntzen
M.Arch II, 2006
Taryn Bone
M.Arch 2014
Asmaa Abu Assaf
M.Arch II, 2019
Edward Winn
ESTM 2015
Alec Melkonian
B.Arch 2022 (class of 50 year anniversary)
Jesus Chavez Garcia
B.Arch 2018
Michael Kinard
ESTM, 2015
David Gonzalez Rojas
BArch 2008
Tiziana Felice
B.Arch, 2020
Erwin Vergara
M.Arch 1, 2020
Natou Fall
M.Arch 1, 2019
James Kubiniec
James Chen
B.Arch 20 / MS. DTP
Luciano Menghini
B.Arch 2018
Andre Dassin
2018 M.Arch 2
Jee-Hee Haar
Andrea S. Moctezuma
B.Arch, 2018
Marco Tadros
Msc Design of Cities, 2017
Tarun Hari
B.Arch, 2018
Raul Alfaro
B.Arch 2019
Ashley Morgan Hastings
M.Arch I, 2018
Phoebe Ou-Yang
B.arch, 2020
Christiana Pak
ryan bautista
B.Arch 2013
Miwa Espinoza
B.Arch, 2017
Wendy Guerrero
M. Arch, 2020
Sophia Konopka
M.Arch, 2017
Peter Wowkowych
MArch III, 1991-1997
Alyse Frederick
M.Arch II, 2012
Kevin Arango
B.Arch, 2017
Jiayang Chen
DID 2020 Prospective Student
William Hu
B.Arch ‘12
Ha Young Jun
B.Arch 2024
Daniel A. Taveras
M.Arch 1, 2019
Sapeer Hillel
B.Arch, 2017
Adria Pauli
BArch 2021
Kaiho Yu
MArch1 17'
Chris Gonzales
B.Arch 2023
Adrian Wong
BArch, 2017
Yelin Hahm
B.Arch 2021
Saul Kim
B.Arch 2019
Stephen Hegedus
BArch 2000
Johan Wijesinghe
B. Arch 2017
Caroline Hayes
M.Arch 2024
Jacob Aboudou
UG 20120
David Forrest
M.Arch 2014
Francisco Alarcon
March, 2011
Eva Huang
M. Arch 2017
Jure Zibret
M.Arch 2, Class of 2022
Tony Avila
B.Arch 2019
Gordon Magnin
Juan Villarreal
M.Arch II, 2019
Christian Unverzagt
M.Arch 2, 1999
Andrew Chittenden
M.Arch I 2019
Nikita Troufanov
ESTM 2013
Alayna Davidson
MArch 2 ‘19
Frances Steere
Ryan Farnam
B.Arch 2018
Poorva Garg
B.arch (2018)
Chaoqun Chen
M.Arch 2018
Joao Velazquez
B.Arch 2015
Ivan Gort-Cabeza de Vaca
Mahyar Naghshvar
M.Arch I, Class of 2019
Adam Fujioka
B.Arch 2016
Randall Zaragoza
B.Arch 2019
Meghan Hui
M.Arch, 2016
Si Ian Wong
M Arch I, 2022
Jessica Brush
MArch 1 2011
Hannah Lee
B.Arch 2019
Yueh Jung Lu
B.Arch 2018
jacky hoang
B.Arch 16’
Begum Baysun
M.Arch I, 2015
Rachel Bagan
B.Arch 2014
Esra Durukan
BArch, 2017
Julia Pike
2020 M. Arch 2
Fangyuan Hu
BArch, 2017
Tony Trinh
M. Arch 2, 2005
Daniel Zambrano
B.Arch 2023
Kenji Hattori
M.Arch 2016
Adhavan Sundaramurthy
M.Arch I, 2019
Jonathan Warner
M.Arch II, 2020
Lana Jiaxin Yuan
MArch 2022
Rishabh Khurana
eSTM, 2015
Lukasz Blonski
March 2 -2015
Patrick Geske
M.Arch, 2016
Mark Freres
Mary Franck
Post Graduate, 2015
Cassandra Tavolarella
Ben Lepley
Batch 2007
Kellan Cartledge
M.Arch II, 2016
Eddye Traverso
Architectural Technologies, 2018
Robert Davidsun
B.Arch 2016
Jesus Abril Jr
M.Arch class of ‘16
Shawn Rassekh
M.Arch1, 2015
Sierra Helvey
M.Arch1 2015
William Maya
M. Arch II, 2019
Yuan Mu
M.Arch I 2015
Coleman Butts
B.Arch 2016
Abagael Warnars
M.arch I, 2018
Blake Minster
M.Arch, 2020
Fatima Jalali
M-Arch1 2020
Madeleine Hahn
M.Arch 1 2016
John Chan
M. Arch I, 2022
Oscar W. Abrahamsson
M.Arch II, 2016
Eyad Kalaji
M.Arch 1 2016
Nihan Caydamli
B.Arch ‘23
Sandy Ehman
Aja Zarrehparvar
M. Arch II, 2018
Irvin Shaifa
Jacob Hartzell
MArch II 2015
Sadvi Jayanth
M.Arch1, 2020
Adriane Yi
M.Arch 2018
Makoto Mizutani
M.Arch, 2005
Bianca Anita Hernandez
B. ARCH 2021
Hans Steffes
MArch 2, 2021
John Shahid
Hamzah Mohammed
Sofia ospina
Architectural technologies 2019
Nicholas Perseo
M. Arch 1 2019
Ovgu Nurozler
M.Arch 2020
Unyime Leo Umoh
MArch II 2015
Bailey Shugart
M.Arch 1, by 2015
Mun Yi Cheng
M.Arch 2016
Anna Bahudian
B. Arch 2019 alumni
Cody Miner
M.Arch, 2015
Kirill Ryadchenko
M. Arch 2015
Hsiao-Chiao Peng
MS. Architectural technologies 2017
Robert Sipchen
M.Arch 1 2020
Nikos Michelis
M.Arch 2, 2019
Ann Gutierrez
B.arch 2019
Deysi Blanco
M.Arch 1, 2015
Deborah García
BArch, 2017
Anhuar Farah
March 2016
Ye xiao
B.arch class of 2019
Connor Gravelle
BArch, 2017
Yuan Wang
M.Arch 2019
Jianing Yang
B.Arch 2019
Arsenios Zachariadis
MSc Architectural Technologies
Liz Van Dyke
B.Arch 2019
Ryan M. Odom
MArch 2, 2016
Maxime Lefebvre
MS Architectural Technologies 2018
Arjun Hosakere
M'Arch 2015
Cisem Saglam
March 2019
Joanna Kuchyt
B. Arch, 2017
Malvin Bunata Wibowo
B.Arch 2021
Rita (HaoNan) Duan
Undergrad, 3B
Shane. Reiner-Roth
B.Arch '14
Karim Saleh
B.arch 2018
Victoria Carvajal
B.Arch Class of 2021
Eliot Sauquet
B.arch 2023
Jessica C R Passos
MArch 2016
Adam Paul Martinez
B.Arch '16
Corina Dow
B.Arch 2021
Sasha Tillmann
M.Arch 1 2017
Leah Wulfman
Fiction & Entertainment 2018
Richard Nam
BArch 2012
Daniel Yu
B.Arch 2022
Kevin Sherrod
B.Arch '16
Jesse Gates
M Arch ‘20
Corie Yaguchi
B Arch 2021
Tucker van Leuwen-Hall
BArch '19 / MSArch '20
Zaid Kashef Alghata
BArch '16